How does it work?The creative naming process explained

tip of the iceberg naming

Your name is the tip of the iceberg

The name of your business is people's first impression about your company. It's the tip of the iceberg, something people can judge right away without having to dig deep. It's your communication to the outside world. And as said many times before, you rarely get a second chance to make a first impression. So you want it to be good. A great business name gives your company extra potential and is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, be different.

Your company name tells people who you are, it should accurately reflect your identity. It's a name you will be promoting over the coming years, and you want as many people as possible to see it. It will become a brand and the name itself will gain value. So you'd better make sure you have a name which communicates a clear message.

tip of the iceberg naming

The Process

Our creative name development process has been fine-tuned over the years and is our company's secret weapon. We utilize a number of world-class tools that help us getting the most out of the naming process. These tools are a tremendous help during the brainstorm sessions which allows us to get nearly unlimited A-class name ideas. The more successful the brainstorm session, the bigger the chance the end-result will be awesome.

The process itself is quite simple:

  • 1. Choose one of our name development packages
  • 2. Explain your business to us
  • 3. Answer our questions by filling in the form
  • 4. Wait 24 hours until you receive great naming results!

Why DazzledMinds should name your business

Naming is the only thing we do. And we do it everyday! Going to work means naming a business for us. And besides our experienced team, we are also extremely creative and simply love to name names! Have a look at our own company name. The definition of the word "dazzled" is: "To amaze or overwhelm someone with a particular impressive quality". And that's exactly what we try to accomplish with every naming assignment we get, delivering impressive quality by using our minds!